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Dear Journal, 

I know I haven't posted much for weeks. It's not because I'm lazy or my passion gone (again). 
It' totally because I'm so busy. 
And I have no much time now. So I am going to post something that I read in Facebook. It'm my friend's status actually. It's kind of related with my feeling and dilemma right know. 
*I'm sorry it's in Bahasa Indonesia, too lazy to translate it. LOL

3 Ciri Jika Pria Benar Mencintaimu Menurut Mario Teguh :

1. Jika seorang pria benar mencintai, maka dia tidak akan cuek lebih dari 3 jam, sebab sangat sulit menahan sakitnya merindu.
2. Jika seorang pria benar mencintai, maka akan selalu membuatmu senang tanpa ada satu alasan pun membuatmu sedih karena rasa tangis itu membuatnya teriris.
3. Jika seorang pria benar mencintai, dia akan selalu menemani dan memberi kabar sesibuk apapun dia karena yang paling penting kamu bahagia bersamanya.

You can Google translate it if you want. 

Later :)

My Other Side

Why do I post that pic ?
Just because.

I won't start write or tell something about them.
Browse somewhere else.
But beware. Don't believe anything you read.
There're so many stories out there about them.

What I really know is I adore them. So much.
But I never talk about them in my 'real life'.
Most of them (my friends and family) don't understand that.
Because for them it's silly.
It's silly because they are people that I don't really know. At all.
But in the other side I deeply care about them. Indeed.
I'm happy when they're seen together.
I'm so excited when there are pictures or videos.
I cry like a baby when 'the news' is out.
I feel disgusted when people who are same as me (don't know anything at all) say their hatred about them.

That picture was out a couple days ago, and suddenly everything is gonna be okay.

I think, that's a thing that so many people don't know about me. (Except my beloved little sister)
People can say what they want about me. And I can say what I want too.
I fucking care, adore, and love about them.
So what?


PS. That picture is not mine, obviously.

Quiet Day

It's such a quiet day.
My phone n watch are dead.
The power in my dorm goes out.
So, I simply don't have any contact with anything. LOL.
Now I just want to post something because I just want.

Well, I haven't posted any pictures here yet.
But honestly I don't have any really good photos that I took recently.
I try to post something worth.
It's my blog, so I'm the one who decide it's worth or not.
And I don't care what people think. I think...
OK I'll shut my f*****g mouth up.

This is the picture

that's my friend cat in the dorm, it's so cute. I love cat.
But it's dead already. Sad :(

And another one

That's for now.

Coming Back

Well, it's been a very long long time, since the last time I posting here.
I don't know why suddenly I want to write and post some things here.
OK, I lie. I do know why. LOL.
Maybe I'll write about it. Maybe not.
My passion in writing is kind of back so... Yeah, I'll update more.

Later. ;)
PS It's because of him.


Suddenly and Shocking.

Suddenly I want to cry. My hand is cold. My heart is beating fast.
Last time I just ignored it.
But now it's too shocking.
I don't know how to control myself.
God help me.

The only question is who?
I want to know, deep in my heart I know it isn't me.
Keep me strong, God. It's too hard.
I'm trying to be super patient now.

I'm nothing without you.
You know the best for me.



It's time for me to change.
I don't like being like this.
Being more mature.
I have to make sacrifices.

I'm sad now, I want to cry.

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I'm Back

I'm in a very long holiday. Just want to share something more.


Completely Different


At Bromo Mount. A couple years ago. I took this picture but forgot the exact year. Now it is in a completely different condition.